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Why the Lies? — 1 Comment

  1. HRC is an excellent example of the insidiousness of lies. After literally decades of having hundreds of lies told of her by the “I’m-wearing-a-tin-foil-hat” variety, enough of the “alternative facts” and “alternative reality” has subtly permeated the subconscious and done that for which it was intended.

    Trump, as the Master in Chief of Lies and a truly gifted conman, has so effectively distilled the poison lies about HRC so that otherwise rational people either unwittingly acquiesce to or simply don’t know what to think or do anymore, now sits in the White House wondering what’s the purpose of nuclear weapons if you don’t use them.

    Sadly, with his lies, Trump, with the assistance of his family, will do as he’s done over and over with his business deals: get rich and leave the company, in this case the USA, bankrupt. And, in its current trajectory, very possibly WW III.

    The hope? Enough grass roots organizing and blogs like this one, 2018 and 20 can’t come soon enough! Yes, we will be heard.

    Thanks Dianne. 🙂