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Trump Government=STRESS — 3 Comments

  1. Great summary of our stressors, Diane. Your last paragraph reminds us to keep up the good work. However, I am taking a brief moment today to celebrate the election of Democratic governors in VA and NJ and the outcomes of the referendums that appeared on the ballot in Maine. So happy that the casino option was defeated and that the expansion for medicaid was passed as were the others supported by me.Feels excellent to have one’s preferences affirmed. Now, back to work with renewed energy.

    • Yes, it was fantastic to get a spate of Democratic wins in yesterday’s election, along with the expansion of Medicaid in Maine and the election of Danica Roem to the Virginia Legislature. Our important work will continue during the coming year with the mid-term elections. An important goal for all elected Democrats, I believe, is to reach out to the people so they will begin to feel that our values of decency, respect, and fairness are their values. And vice-versa.

  2. We’ll said, Dianne!
    And I do heartily second speaking out for what we stand for…. it’s so easy to get drawn into (and dragged down by)what we are against – semantics are powerful! We need to be for and against