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TRUMP: A Disgrace to America — 2 Comments

  1. The Republicans in Congress need to clean-up this mess. They held their noses and went along with him and his backers (let’s not upset his base) as the leader of their party. As has been mentioned,no longer the party of Lincoln but now the party of Trump. And to what end? They thought they would be able to use him merely as a “signature” to pass their agenda through Congress. How’s that working for you, Mitch and Paul? They thought they could control him. Well they can’t. And our people and the principles on which this nation was founded are being threatened.

    Yes, hopefully impeachment and possibly the 25th amendment. But as I mentioned in a previous comment..the Electoral College screwed up big time. Their purpose was/is to protect the country from a rogue president and/or one that may be influenced by foreign connections. Guilty on both counts. These actions were blatantly displayed by him,his family,and advisers during the campaign. Sadly, due to the EC’s inaction, they have allowed these activities to flourish.

    So where do we go from here? It is apparent that the Executive branch has had way too much power. As McCain mentioned on the Senate floor during the health care debacle, and I paraphrase, the Senate is not beneath the Executive Branch they are equal to it. So start acting like it and reign your boy in and get rid of him for the country’s sake.