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Mass Shooting Tragedy…Again — 2 Comments

  1. I agree that the reader needs to take some time to let all those facts re: gun related deaths to sink in. I had never thought about the difference between the gun users of 1791 and today. This is an excellent piece of writing. Very helpful to have the sources indicated.

  2. Men(most)+Republicans+NRA+Lobbyists= regulation ain’t going to happen. Sorry. What Congress will do in the next few weeks is have a bipartisan vote making it illegal to sell/purchase “bump stock” devices. Then maybe (they hope) all this angst will just go away. An easy solution for gun lobbyists,NRA,and Trump backers as bump stocks are merely an accessory and therefore will not impose on the 2nd Amendment.
    Why would they do anything different? We couldn’t even get a bipartisan vote on background checks after the mass slaughter of children.