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Ending Transgender Service–Another Harebrained Decision — 2 Comments

  1. As transgender people become more visible and mainstream, as they surely will as have all historically oppressed demographics – some more successfully than others, who will be next? Citizens of Xenu? 45 and curmudgeons of similar political / social persuasions, always look to a Boogeyman to keep us occupied as they amass great fortunes at the expense of the middle class and poor. However, in the short term, transgender people will endure what Mexicans, gays, blacks, Jews, Irish, and [fill in the blank] have suffered. It’s not much comfort to them while in the cross hair, and that’s why we need to resist, speak out, and VOTE!

  2. Thanks for writing on this topic. It is very important that we stay informed, resist, speak out, and VOTE! Roger used all caps when he wrote VOTE!I chose to do the same as that will ultimately be our best chance at restoring some equilibrium and justice to our political system. I had long believed that we had checks and balances to provide this. Having a one party domination in the legislative and executive branches of the government has negated that. The judicial system is appearing to be tilted to the conservative side of the page, too. I cannot believe that there is no way to “check” the flamboyant disregard of what is in the best interests of the majority of the American people. We need to be vigilant and work against attempts at voter suppression to make sure that all voices are heard and not squelched.